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June 22nd  2oo8

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Winter Garden SegWay track.
February 2o, 2oo8

Yes, I remember first seeing the Winter Garden do you remember the below?

When the Cats Away, the mice will play?

Today us the start of
Another Adventure
in South America.

Early this morning I took my wife to JFK where she in now winging her way to Columbia. I follow her on the exact same flight exactly one week later on the 19th of January. I will be batchlor all this week caring for our 4 feline children and she will be visiting her family in Barenquilla.

In a week I will meet her in Cartagena Columbia where I suspect it will be warm, sunny and tropical.

More to follow I am sure.

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Progress in the Garage/Shop

The Day After New Years Day

New Years
Eve Fun

Christmas Eve was Twin Day, Glenn/Santa has always been n will always have a soft spot for petite girls
young or old, yesterday was no exception...

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas
To all

Christmas Eve
December 24, 2oo7


Big PileO Snow

Monday December 17, 2oo7

Sloppy Friday
December 14, 2oo7

Can U find the new man made plant in the Winter Garden pictured in the foto below?


The new man made plant in the Winter Garden is a SegWay.
Seems Lithium Ion batters live longer if they are kept at room temps.

Kala seems to enjoy the SegWay in the WG as a new napping spot.

Mount Airy Casino Traffic Count Stats.

November 19, 2oo7
Forecast possible
1 inch in higher elevations

Twin Day at Eats n Sweets
October 10, 2oo7

October 3rd 2oo7
Twin Days

September 26, 2oo7
Twin Day

Today's Segway Trek
September 23, 2oo7

SegWay Charge n Trip Records

Aug 29 2oo7
Aug. 29 1949

Today's Glide to Camelback
via the abandon Rail Road bed

Jacktown Antique
Engine Show
July 21, 2oo7

Twin Day

Here He Comes

Tons O Fun
in a
Big Box


Today's Squirrel TV

More of Kuuipo Kapers
April 24, 2oo7

April 2007 Nor Easter
We Were Lucky

Breakfast Time in Podunk Pa

New Min Wage Explanation

Amish Country Visit


R U Looking at Me
Saturday, March 19, 2oo7

Bonita Damaris e Eliana

Tons O Snow Moving Fun

My Friends New Truck


Twin Day
Match 14, 2oo7

Our 10th
Las Vegas
wedding anniversary
February 27 to March 1, 2oo7

Wood/Coal Boiler Escapade

  Twin Day February 21st, 2oo7

Twin Day February 16th, 2oo7

February 14, 2oo7

Wednesdays are
Twin Day
February 7, 2oo7


First Snow Day
with the boys

EPA Test
January 9th, 2oo7

Class Contact List

Today's boring adventure
January 7th, 2oo7

Columbia South America Trek
January 2oo7

Pearl Harbor
65 years later

The Twins
Dec. 30, 2oo6

Squirrel TV

Litter Mates

Christmas 2oo6

Eats n Sweets
End of season 22 - December 2oo6

French Fry Oil Powered Car

Our Winter Garden Project

April 28, 2oo3
My New Son

My Oldest Daughter
Ashley Ryerson
Fall 1984 - July 25th, 2oo2

60 Years Later
Pearl Harbor
Re Visited
by me n my 83 year old dad

Modular Home Project

EnS's (my real job)
Pocono Record News Paper Article
Sunday October 7th, 2oo1

The Wife's 31st BD Celebration
May 25th, 2oo1

Pizza Project

March 2oo1's No Show Blizzard

December 2,ooo Snow Page

Nancy n Bob's
Flying Toy

Glenn's 51st Bday

Damaris's 30th Bday

Isabella Maria Luciani
My Great Grand Niece

Our 3rd wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas

The Running Bare Adventure

Fat Furry
Finicky Female Feline
December 6th, 1999

 Hawaii Feb. n March 1999

Introduction Page

Monday Feb. 22, 1999.............Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999

Thursday February 25, 1999. Monday, March 1, 1999........

New, Fotos of the RotorCycle
Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999

Sikorski S61N
Thursday March 4th, 1999

Pops in Hawaii Pg 1

Pops in Hawaii Pg 2

Pops in Hawaii Pg 3

Pops in Hawaii Pg 4

Road Trip W/Augusto......... Dec 19th, 1998 to Jan 10, 1999

Santaing w/An AngelDec 1998

Halloween 1998 with My Wife Xina Oct 31, 1998

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Sport Helicopter n Pilot Global Information Exchange ...Oct 24, 1996

49 Days On The
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Jan 12 to Feb 28, 97

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Halloween, 1997 --- Now at 48, I still dress up and go door to door (no, I don't collect candy)

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