December 2oo6

EnS closed the day before this photo was taken.
Less than 24 hours after we closed we are starting to prepare for next season

Above lotsO brush n logs being cleaned up from EnS n being hauled home on the Jet's trailer.

Don't cut um down, push um down.

The new exit lane n my wife Damaris.

The excavator boys, Tracy n Rick De Haven finished up on Dec. 14, 2oo6, THursday.

The Paver Boys, Larry Hallet, father n 3 sons along with 3 helpers arrive n start un loading equipment at 8am the NEXT morning.

Above, the Hallets start paving before 9:30am


Wam A Dam, they are done paving by 11:45

At 1:30 on Friday when this foto was taken they are just a memory of activity n GONE/Finished over an hour ago.

The amazing un known part at this time is that I only called Larry Hallet Wednesday evening.
This is literly the Fast (by far) start to finish project I have ever done.