Columbia Trek
starting early morning
January 6th, 2oo7

Here is the wife at JFK airport at 2am Jan. 6th. Luckily it only took us 1 hour and 58 minuets to drive the 1`05 miles from our home in the Poconos to the Copa Airlines terminal at JFK.

Damaris n I a few moments before I start my solo trek back to the Poconos n she heads in to start the hassle of post 9/11 international travel.

The plan is for Damaris to go down first and I follow her a week later on Jan. 13th. She will visit her family in Barenquilla and schedule her yearly check up with her doctor (unbelievably cheaper and vary similar medical care at the US in her country as long as you pay cash).

For security reasons, I will not visit her family in her little town but will meet her in Cartagena for a few days than we will both fly back together via a 2 day stay in Panama City Panama. This being the case I may have a few nice photos to share after I return. For now, I am batchlering it with the 4 cats until I depart.

Happy to report the return trek was uneventful (except for two different truck drivers that obviously use the I am bigger rule, I have the right away no matter what). The entire round trip took only 4 hours n 6 min. from drive way to driveway.

Luckily there is Skype (inter net phone calls) now a days. I have already spoke with her a few times. Skype Out costs 5.5 cents to her country.  Skype to Skype (computer to computer is free and if you both have web came, it is a video phone call to boot. A far far cry from the 62 cents per minute I  once paid in the early 90s when I had a girl friend in Stockholm Sweden and would talk to her some 5 times per day.

Any way, AoK in Barenquilla. Damaris had only told 2 of her 50 or so family she was coming and then she only told them the day of departure. So, nonetheless, lotsO surprised family members.

Part of then plan is to fill 80% of our bags with stuff  for her family that they can not afford. We even plan to leave all but 1 of the four suitcases we brought down with her family. Seems they use a suit case as a closet in this strata of the economic ladder.

The first bit O good news from down south was that she got a manicure for 3,ooo pesos, about a buck and a half  US money. A manicure would coat about $20 dollars I suppose in the USA.

We have trained all of your cats to listen to our voices no the phone when one of us is away. Can't believe how the cats reacted to hearing her voice today n she has only been gone for less than 12 hours so far.

Just a few hours later,

Just a few hours after leaving JFK my wife Damaris was chatting with her sister Ivethe as they lounged on her bead together.

Here is Damaris talking to me testing out your first of MANY Skype Out calls to her in Barrenquilla.

This is Dido, Damari's youngest brother that is in college to be a elementary school teacher.

Blankie visiting from Cartagena.

Damaris dolling up just be for I arrive on the 12th of January.


Damaris in Barrenquilla
My new Nieces
Four Leg Family
Hijos Children


January 13, 2oo7
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