January 7th, 2oo7
Slice of

A day after we closed EnS in Dec 2oo6 we started the project to add a exit lane to our store. We have a paved road behind EnS for the drive thru which also was wide enough to also serve as a exit. However, 95% of the people in the drive thru line never stayed to the left so when there were 3 cars in line for the drive thru, the exit was blocled.

Today I was doing the final finishing touches to the clean up. Part of the exit lane project was to add a few extra parking spaces.  Since the grade of the new parking are was 2 feet higher than the existing grass, I needed to taper off the edge of the parking area to the existing lawn.

I had a 20+ ton of fill dropped off a few days earlyer so today was the day.  The weather was nice and the pile was not too muddy.

Now all I need a half a load of top soil, lotsO grass seed and some co-operating weather n this phase will be done n ready for our opening in March.

This was a first, going to the gas station on a tractor. Funny, I grew up with the owner n didn't think to come in before I started pumping my fuel. The girl rapped on the window and asked me to come in first. I know what she wanted, she wanted me to pay before I pump my fuel. So when I walked in I said, guess you thought I would not pay for my fuel and just speed off on my tractor.

The Kub got quite dirty today spreading all the fill. So the Kub took a power shower before retiring to her home in the garage.

I am slowly finishing up on the Kub's new roof safety and snow plowing lights. If U look close you can see some of the wires hanging still hanging down. I only have 3 more to wire up on this circuit and one more circuit of two head lights in the front for snow plowing.

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