First Snow Day
with the boys
for the 2oo6 - 2oo7
February 3rd, 2oo7

Snow day seen from inside the Winter Garden.

When Kalah first walks out the door after a snow, he seems to not enjoy at all. Look  look closely at the foto below, the non snow loving boy seems to have all four paws off the ground.


Here was just one of the many gravity defying rocket up the tree Kalah did during his Snow Day.

Now, Kalah's 3 leg brother Kuuipo seems to be the exact opposite, he loves snow.

Kuuipo also likes to eat the deer food too.

He also likes to roll in the snow too.

There is a small part of me that would have enjoyed firing up the heavy iron n pushing some snow. Funny how this part of me gets smaller n smaller as I age. Now I am just as happy being 100% prepared for the snow but not needing to deal with it.

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