The Kub's
First Snow

Today, February 14th, 2oo7 is not only St. Valentines day, it is the Kubota's first snow.

I had been doing all my plowing with 12 HP 4 wheel Gravely. Jnauary of 2oo6 I came across a year end special on both the price n loan for n new Kubota L28oo.

I located a used Kubota plow on eBay n had a welder guru fab up a mount in the loader bucket. Than I re routed the loader bucket's thru a set of selector valves which allows me to use this hydrolic circuit to either curl the loader bucket or angel the plow blade from side to side. The yellow line in the above foto is actually a kevlar protection sleeve over the hydraulic line I added on the Kub in order to swing the plow.

I looked into purchasing a roof for the Kub but 2-3 hundred bucks and all it was was a roof. I wanted n needed more.
The two driveways that I must plow are hidden driveways. This being the case, each time I push snow out the end of the driveway n across the street, I am in danger of being broad sided. So I wanted/needed lotsO flashing lights up as high on the tractor as I could mount them (the higher they are mounted, the sooner the traffic would see me).

Often I am working around or near the Kub on yard projects, so I wanted to add a FM radio to listen to NPR and to play my iPod thru.
I also needed a spot to mount the garage door opener to, mount the new/extra safety n snow plow lighting switches to and a little glove box/storage rack. I also end up adding a after market automotive dome light,  two 2 way stereo speakers, a jack for my head phones n a 12V power point. 
Like I said, I both wanted n needed more than just a roof over my head on the Kub.

Except for the Kub's heater n windshield wipers not working, she did a great job today.

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