Friday was
Twin Day
this week
February 16, 2oo7

Normally Wednesdays are Twin days.

But his past Wednesday was the north east's blizzard -  first snow storm of any size.

So, school was closed for 2 days, the interstate that runs thru our area was closed down in spots. Some people actually were stuck on the interstate for up to 24 hours not too far from us.

So today was Twin Day, the day Aidan n Kylee (above) visited us.

 What better to do than play in the fresh snow with a few frineds.

Only sled we had was a large Tupper Ware under bed storage bin that worked just fine.

We even had our boys out with us to play in the snow. Here is Kuuipo in one of his many favourite spots. The fun was over, time for the Twins to go home and Damaris n I to collect our two boys n head back inside. Seems safe to say another good time was had by all.

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