Wednesday was
Twin Day
this week
February 21, 2oo7

The Twins love to help feed our extended family members.
Here are Kylee n Aidan getting dried corn on the cob for the squirrels.

Than it is time to spread out the deer feed.

Every one ended up in the woods today, even Kuuipo seen below.

For only 3 legs, Kuuipo makes his way through snow covered woods with little trouble.

Time to enjoy perhaps the last of winter 2oo7's  snow with a little sledding on a plastic saucer.

Kylee decided to try sledding with out a sled.

Click for sounds from this moment.

Every one but Kuuipo ended up taking a turn on the hill in front of the house today.

Above, even Kylee n Aidan's mum took a turn on the saucer today.

Below is a self foto just moments before Kylee launched me down the hill.

Once again it seems like a good time was again had by all.

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