Out the window at the

Below is a set of fotos taken out our hotel room on the 16th floor of the Bellagio the day after our tenth wedding anniversary. Directly across the street from the Bellagio is the hotel/casino Paris n it's minaturized Eiffel tower replica.

I started the set of fotos just before dark and tried to capture the fading light of nature n the increasiongly bright lights of modern man. Since our building looked almost due east, the lightning on the buildings across the street were close to perfect for a sun set photograph.

We had seen the fountains at the Ballagio a few times before but only from the street level. What a spectacular sight not the less. The hotel choreographs the fountains to music n lines the side walk with a great viewing area with both speakers n nice trees all along the street side of the fountain pond.

This time I thought it appropriate to pop the big bucks for a room with a view in one of the nicer properties on Las Vegas Blvd. Any way, below are a few fotos of the Ballagio's fountains at night. All U need to do is to drag up a few chairs up to the picture window after tuneing the TV to cannel 31,  n enjoy the show.