Came home from my Wednesday start up duties at work to find my requested 58th birthday present (in one of my favorite colors) setting proudly in the back area....

Also, happy to report the red hopper was chock full of new sneakers. Hope at least one pare is the kind that have red blinking lights on the sides.

Can't forget, two nice cat cards too....

My lovely wife Damaris surprised me with a spaghetti dinner with my friend Emil.
Later that afternoon.
My two rental children, Kylee n Aidan help me blow out my candles at EnS.

Turns out, my little girlfriend Kylee is the exact opposite about chocolate as I. She was poking her piece of delicious chocolate chocolate cake as I was poking her ask her why she was not eating my birthday cake.

Seen behind Kylee n I is her twin brother Aidan. Aidan loves to play monkey boy and climb all over as we mug for the camera n eat our birthday cake.