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Twin Days
September 26, 2oo7

Perhaps close to the best thing about being self employed is the fact that often you can steal a few minuets from the middle of the work day to do some thing special.

Today, Wednesday is Twin Day. At 3:30pm I dropped what I was doing to meet the Aidan n Kylee.

Damaris often has a few presents in line for Twin Day. Here is Aidan in hid new Pilot duds.

Kylee also got some new clothing but before she even put them on, they were too small. So Kylee will have to wait a few days for her present. Meanwhile she occupied her self eating Ice Cream.




A few weeks ago Kylee mom or my wife Damaris told me to trash the toy cell phone Kylee had left during her visit. I asked why? It doesn't work n not worth replacing the batteries I was told.  I was than explained that if Kylee never sees the phone again, she will never complain that it does not work.

Than last week, Kylee found her old phone during her visit n started balling like someone just dropped a big hammer on he little toe.

So, this week,
As U can C above, I wired n glued a bigger set of batteries on the back that are sure to out last Kylee's desire to use the phone or she will loos it, one or the other.

To Hear
Kylee cute voice thanking me for fixing her phone
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