November 19, 2oo7

The Kub's new/old plow mounting system's
maiden voyage

The first winter with the Kubota as our main snow plowing tool I had the plow mounted on the loader bucket.
The Kub plowed snow well but mounting off the bucket was too long. This additional length created lotsO leverage working against plow when pushing snow all but straight ahead. Also, with all the added weight of the loader bucket, lift arms n hydraulic system, the snow plow an un planed road grader.

A few weeks ago I took the Kub down to my mate Emil's welding n fabrication shop to re design the mounting system. I think I wanted the plow to push off the frame not the loader bucket.

Lots better now but with a little tweaking, it will be close to perfect (hope).

One or Less in the higher elevations

Our male Children in the snow

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