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It snowed about 3 inches last night. Below is the view out of my office window which is in the corner of the Winter Garden on the top deck over top of the plants on the floor below  which is about 4 feet below ground, out the WG's window of the fresh now. Incidentally, my office window does not need glass so it does not have any.

Both Kala n Micha like to sit in this glass less window of my office n watch the world below in the WG's bottom floor as they watch out side. So, decades ago when I re built my first "fixer upper" house I ended up needing to replace all the old windows. This being the case n knowing how my cats likes to sit in the window n watch out. I measured Little Girl's butt when she was sitting. LG was my second cat I had an adult. Any way, ever since than all my window sills are a min. of 7" wide, just the purrfect size for a adult cat to sit.

Above is a snap from the first few moments when Kuuipo n Kala just stepped outO the door n were checking out the fresh-wet snow.

Kala finally found a dry spot to play Prince Kala from n watch his world below.

In the distance you will see where we welcomed in your 2oo8. This is BB62 - the USS New Jersey a WWII Battle Ship now permanently docked in Camden NJ as a museum.

Under the number one gun also known as the # 1 dead zone was where Damaris n I started our 2008. It is called the dead zone because if you are in this area when the guns are fired off the pressure wave created by the explosion will crush your innards into red oat meal.

We were in place around 10:30 pm so we ended up meeting n chatting with the fellow in the left of the foto U C with the ball cap on. He spent his entire 4 year navy career, from 1942 to 1946 on this ship. His duty station was engine room # 3. This also means he endured - rode out the big - infamous Pacific ocean typhoon on this vary decks. A Hurricane that sank a few US Navy war ships with out a shot being fired at them.

Depending where they moored the fire works launch barge, it turned out that this was our view of the pirotechnics.  LotO noisy heads in front of us n a big Navy Battle Ship bow n it's antenna spoiling our view. We had drove over 2oo miles round trip for the fire works show, so we moved........

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