First Night's

This was taken about the moment 2oo7 ended n 2oo8 began. I never have remembered to sink up my camera's internal clock with the national atomic clock in Colorado but this photo was taken the moment the announcer welcomed in the new year.

It wasn't too cold but it was not too warm either. Luckily it was calm n dry.

This one was shot as we were heading back to the ship's boarding steps. The view is a little better.

This one was taken on the dock side of the ship's boarding steps. Once agean, the view is even better.

This one was taken dock side, funny how the view is even better from the cheap/free seats tain't tit.

As U can see, a good photographer would have remembered to bring n use his tri pod, but we did not have a good photographer with us obviously.

Our 1o4 mile drive back home ended about 2:15 am. Tit twaz a long tiresome drive but all in all it was worth it.

Next morning we had our traditional family gatering/breakfast and below are two photos from than.

This future fox on the left is my nieces daughter Isabella.


And this is my niece Heatrher.


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