The Day After
New Years
January 2nd, 2oo8

Last year we asked our carpenter (Builder Bob - AKA Bob Fisk) to put us on his schedule n today twaz the day. Above Builder Bob was pulling furring strips off the old French Door. This door once was the dining room's out door exit just a few minuets before we wrestled the door n frame outO the wall.

As ALWAYS, King Kuuipo lays down exactly in the middle of our work area.

All framed up, stained n varnished. Once again, King Kuuipo thronging his self in the middle, Queen Keiki one step behing her King n as always, Prince Kala on the side just watching.

We all are surprised how just removing this twin glass door n frame created an entirely different feel to both the house n Winter Garden.

Above is Prince Kala sitting on Builder Bob's last winter creation in the Winter Garden. As you can see, just like Kuuipo, Kala is almost perfectly positioned in the middle.

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