When the cat is away
the mice don't play.
They rip a hole in the wall
and add another door
with out the cat's knowledge.

I guess a lot of men would be out on the town or at least in the bar when there wife out of town. Hell my wife is a tad more than out of town, she is on a different continent and almost in a different hemisphere.
Not me, the last time I was off our property was when I was taking her to the airport last Friday night, the 11th of January, almost 72 hours ago.

Once when I was away, my wife had the carpet ripped up in the vestibule and had linoleum installed with out even a word. No big deal, I may not even noticed, I can't remember.

The two photos above are of the original house foundation. However now most of this concrete block wall is inside in the Winter Garden under the upper deck.

This close up is Guy Rogers hands as he is cut out a 42" wide by 48" high chunk of concrete block.
Guy is my side work mason. Meaning he is employed as a mason for a big company but takes on smaller jobs for extra cash. Last summer I hired Guy to start my "Alt. Energy Garage" by building a 40' by 24' concrete pad to place the building on.

If you look thru the square hole, that is a light bulb under the house.

Mean while, on the other side of the wall Guy's helper Gary is aiming his chisel directly at Guy and chipping away at the same wall just from the inside.

LotsO progress. The little specks you see in the photo are dust particles be illuminated by my camera's flash.

As these two MMM (macho mason men) were breaking out block n making a BIG mess. I was the clean up man trying to clean as they messed up. I would placing the small bits of concrete in two 5 gal. buckets and carrying them out to the Kubota's waiting loader bucket. It ended up only taking 2 Kubota bucket loads to carry away all the pieces and the 9 complete blocks that were removed.

If U look at the time n date stamp the camera adds to each foto, it didn't take long did it!  They started about 1pm and finished 15 minutes before this photo was taken.

Tomorrow a little more mason work. When that dries, Wednesday or Thursday the wood work (frame n door) will be added. If all goes well I should have it painted by Friday after noon just in time for me to hop my flight to Cartagena Columbia early Saturday morning in order to meet my wife that afternoon.

One or two more foto pages in the next few days as more progress is made.

About 95% finished at 6:00 pm tonight. Now when the wife first discovers the new door in ten days or so she will be impressed????? I hope.....

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