Second Year
WVO Report

1.    Injector:

       Now even more than when I was only burning diesel fuel in my Jet do I notice I need to add Injector Cleaner. I have also noticed I need it considerably more often than when running on straight diesel.   I have never logged/recorded my IC usage in the past so only an un scientific finding....

2.    Solenoid Valves:

       Noting my OEM low fuel warning light coming on more than once when in WVO mode for 30 +- min. I deduced it seems the two solenoid valves in time gum up a tad n do not seat properly.

I suspect this will allow either diesel to be added into the VO when in WVO mode, which is probably not a big deal. Or VO to be added to the diesel. Seems to me the danger is in un knowingly adding VO into diesel. Since the diesel is re circulated into VW OEM un heated fuel filter, this could cause a premature failure/clogging of the expensive VW OEM filter.

I have had 2 OEM - VW fuel filters clogged up with VO. First was defiantly my fault forgetting to purge when changing back to diesel during an emergency situation. Second occurrence is un defined except for the above.

All this past year when I switch modes between center/off and purge or center n WVO mode a few times when I switch fuels. I surmise this may pound the valve into the seat in a few times and remove any obstructions. However, I easily could be wrong. But my OEM VW filter seems to be VO free all winter of my 2nd year.....

3.    TDI Blanket

       The old blanket I tailored to fit over the engine (TDI Blanket) seemed top be a good idea for all but the hottest days, not just the winter as I first thought. This past fall I removed the black plastic OEM VW engine cover and added extra insulation in the form of an old bed spread. I placed the additional insulation over the Grease Car heated filter, th Flat Plate heat Exchanger and the IP. My winter temp. are defiantly better.

4.    VegiTherm

       Seems the VT was defiantly needed in winters. I did not wire it on as suggested by the manufacture. I placed a switch in series with the VT which only gets power when in WVO mode. I have the VT is not needed as much in the hot weather so why have it on.

Sometime in the not to distance future I plan to remove my VT and hopefully make it more efficient by adding better and more area for conduction of heat from the resistance wire to the fuel line. Perhaps a report on this later sometime.

5.    Grease Car fuel cap

       I have found the vent in the GC fuel cap to plug up n cause a partial vacuum to be created in the VO tank. This is an easy problem to remedy only needing a allen wrench and 2 minuets of time. Non the less it needs be done often, especially in the winter it seems when VO hardens more.

6.   Thermal T on the return side of the stock VW diesel filter.

Being blown up this big U can easily see the crack n nick (below) in the oRing in the diesel return line black T valve. However just using the un aided eye, I missed this serious problem on this small, almost 8 year old 37 dollar component. A bad oRing brought down the space shuttle challenger n bad a bad oRing let me sit twice recently for days due to too much air constantly entering the fuel system.

After replacing the 2 bad oRings I seemed to rid my self of the air problem..... But it was not until I gave up trying to start the engine with the battery n just pushed the car 20 feet down the driveway did I purge the IP of air and get it running.

A few years back I priced out a OEM battery at my VW dealer, $110. At my local Car Quest store the same speck. battery was twenty five bucks cheaper. However from day one I noticed the non stock battery was not what the stock VW battery was.   Any way, today (3-19-08) I purchased the $110 battery from the dealer n installed it tonight. Naturally, proof tiz in the pudding. Hopefully I will remember to comment on this latest subject in a month or so.........

7.    VO tank hot water shunt valve   -   Coming Soon

8.    Crease Car fuses removal   -   Coming Soon