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If you too find your self out growing your home,

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Fascinating Feline Facts

? - Kittens are born both blind and deaf, but the vibration of their
mother's purring is a physical signal that the kitten's can feel - it acts
like a homing device, signaling them to nurse.

? - Cats purr at 26 cycles per second, the same as an idling diesel

? - A cat's arching back is part of a complex body language system,
usually associated with feeling threatened. The arch is able to get so
high because the cat's spine contains nearly 60 vertebrae which fit
loosely together. Humans have only 34 vertebrae.

? - Kittens can clock an amazing 31 mph at full speed and cover about 3
times their body length per leap.

? - Cats have better memories than dogs. Tests conducted by the
University of Michigan have concluded that while a dogs memory lasts no
more than 5 minutes, a cat's recall can last as long as 16 hours -
exceeding even that of monkeys and orangutans.

? - Cats have amazing hearing ability. A cat's ear has 30 muscles that
control the outer ear (by comparison, human ears only have six muscles).
These muscles rotate 180 degrees, so the cat can hear in all directions
without moving it's head.

? - Cats are the only animals that walk directly on their claws, not on
their paws. This method of walking is called "digitigrade". When cats
scratch furniture, it isn't an act of malice. They are actually tearing
off the ragged edges of the sheaths of their talons to expose the new
sharp ones beneath.

? - Despite their finickiness, an average cat consumes about 127,750
calories a year, nearly 28 times their own weight in food and the same
amount again in liquids. In case you were wondering, cats cannot survive
on a vegetarian diet.

? - Almost all animals walk by moving alternate legs. Only three animals
walk by moving the two legs on one side together first, then shifting to
do the same on the other side: the giraffe, the camel and the cat.

? - A wild cat, known as "the fishing cat" actually swims to catch fish.
Called the Bengali Mach-Bagral, nature gave this cat extra-long claws,
which it uses like fishhooks. The fishing cat is found in Nepal, Burma,
Southern China and parts of India.


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