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 March 5th, 2oo1
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March 5th, 2,oo1

9:30 am or so Monday, only 5 inches so far, what a tease.

Me n my mighty 1981 Gravely  8183T powered by a 18hp Onan boxer. This summer the next step in it's re birth, I plan to slowly re paint the frame between lawn mowing duties. The first owner was a doctor, for me a good example of the old attage "more money than brains" since he left it out side for the first 18 years of it's life.

So, looks like in my corner of the planet the weather forecasters were a tad off since the 30+ inches turned out to be 6 + - inches of mixed winter precip.

Noon Tuesday
Happy, but in the same thought the little boy in me is a tad sad to report not much snow in N. E. Pa as Noon Tuesday the 6th of March, 2oo1. About six inches or so, hardly worth the effort to
re fire up the Gravely n push off the 2 additional inches.

Compare the two fotos of my drive way on this page, not much difference for a
30 inch - 60 cm snow storm is there.

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