A new (used) tow vehicle for
Miss Nina's trailer,

 1981 FC35 Blue Bird Turbo Diesel

Not exactly the coach of my dreams, but 100% better than the one I have now.

The CH7 Angel was also not the helicopter of my dreams but after owning her for almost 5 years, she has been reliable n Tons O Fun to say the least.  So I am hoping Running Bare (I got the Blue Bird from a couple, C below foto that lives n owns a nudist RV park in Tx, thus the name U C on the top is the name given to her by the people we purchased her from) turns out
2 B a oldie but a goodie.

Friday the 14th of January 2,ooo

So far defiantly an Oldie but a Goodie?????

Less than 2 hours from picking up Running Bare on Sunday the 9th of Jan. unknowing to me, a tiny nut backed off the 160 Amp alternator allowing a wire to disconnect, starting a chain reaction we are still suffering with days later.

I first noticed the volts drop from 14 to 12 n get progressively lower. This ended up blowing only the voltage regulator.

286 bucks n almost 24 hours later we were on our way again. Than Wednesday morning after spending the night in the parking lot of the Battle ship Alabama floating museum's parking lot.

I notice the volts again down to 12. About 5o/1oo miles later in Pensacola Florida at 6o MPH Running Bare turned into a whale, the power steering went out. Luckily the Bare has a bus size steering wheel n after running off the road n the wife n I both staining our shorts, I was able to muscle her back on the road.

Making a long one short, dry rot n lack of activity taking it's toll on the Bare caused 5 of the 7 belts to need replacing (I am replacing all 7 n having the radiator boiled n rodded since it seems 2 B the right time to do it now).

It is now Friday the 14th of January, 2,ooo, we may get the Bare on the road today, ifin one more part arrives from Birmingham Alabama.

More later (ifin I have Inter Net access).

I only purchased a 18 year old motor home for the same reason I fly n own a experimental helicopter. Remember that Italian guy Funds Alow? I guess after 5o years he is still one of my closest relatives. If money wear no object, I just like U would probably have a private - standard category helicopter that when it need repair or inspection I would/could just write a check n not worry about the 1oo bucks + per hour it costs to fly.

Friday Night - Pensacola Fl (STILL)

No Bare today, but making progress (I hope). Windy, the main man at Elmore's Truck Repair (the Bare is much closer to a truck than a motor home so she is welcome more in a truck repair facility rather than a RV dealer) in Pensacola hopes around 10:30am tomorrow. I may or may not have INet access until I reach my home in Pa, depends on ifin we pick up the Bare tomorrow or spend another night at the no-tell motel.

Monday, January 17th, 2,ooo

Just 11o miles from picking up the Bare on Saturday afternoon in Pensacola at 1pm, at 3:30pm our front tire had blown at 65 mph...... To say we could have been transferred to heaven (hopefully) is probably un necessary after looking at the below foto. We ran off the road and into the grass between the east n west lanes. Luckily I was able to ease her back on the concrete before she rolled on it's side. It took us till 9pm till we were under way again.

Perhaps needless to say, the wife now wants no part of the Blue Bird and we may B selling her in the near future. Ironically none of the problems were the motor home's fault, they were all caused by lack of use n ignorance on my part.

Thursday Night, Jan 20th, 2ooo
Well we rolled in to the cradle of my new/used motor home in Fort Valley Ga Sunday night.
I could tell U lots about the 4.5 days we spent here, but I will most likely bore U even more than normal. Non The Less, What a Great experience we have had here, not only is the manufacture extremely past customer orientated, they provide a free service called "The Birds Nest" where they treat any/ANY Blue Bird owners (not just new buyers) a free place to hook up, a lovely club house n tons of new fellow Blue Bird owners to meet n hangar fly with n lunch every day they factory is in ops, what a pleasant surprise. Not only did I learn lots about my new/old toy, I got a few bugs ironed out n many of my questions answered by the staff of Blue Bird n all the fellow Bird Pilots that swooped in 2 the nest.

So tomorrow we will B heading north again trying 2 slide into my driveway between snow storms. However, ifin we get out early, there is another aviation museum just a tad out of our way on our intended path north, so, perhaps a few more decent vintage helicopter fotos 2 share w/U once I get home. However, I still need 2 finish up the piece on the Argentinean turban, busy boy I always seem 2 B, wonder how I fit in a job into my hectic schedule?????

Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2,ooo
Running Bare
Parked next to Miss Nina's hangar.
What an adventure, n 2 think, it has Just Began.

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