Glenn Ryerson, Damaris Ryerson

The Wife's 31st
This Page was created
May 26th, 2,oo1

Look at the beautiful smile on her face, is she a happy birthday girl or not.

The Big Blow Job :)

Her U C the birthday girl sitting with the 3 staff members that were still on duty at the time we cut the cake. Robin is on the left next to my fork, Lea is opposite the birthday girl n on the right, my favorite neighbor, a nice person I share my birth date with, Barnie. I call her Barnie because she colored her hair similar to that purple dinosaur we all C on kids TV shows. Actually her name is Julia, aka JP 4 short.

N here U C the BD girl about to stuff her face w/a fork full of hot fudege and soft vanilla ice cream all on a chunk of  birthday cake.

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