EPA Test
January 9, 2oo7

Just a few hours ago today I passed my government test to repair refrigeration equipment and environmentally safely handle refrigerant liquids (they are hazards to out planet and it's biological population's future if not handled responsibly).

Below is a foto of my computer screen just moments after I had the on line test instantly graded.

I am quite dyslexic so actually I did quite well, especially considering how poorly I did in high school. It was a 2 part test, 25 questions on each test. So a 23 out of 25 is 92% and 22 out of 25 is 88%.

 My over all class grade was 93.5% my instructor informed me last week. The class was 24 nights, twice a week, 3 hours per class. That's about 72 hours minus 15 minuet breaks ever class day using my fuzzy math (the certificate says 84 hours).

Funny, decades ago a friend (ironically named Glenna) noticed and mentioned to me that I seemed to like to collect licenses. Never gave it any thought till she mentioned this. I did earn 3 different categories of pilot licenses, I earned my ski instructor certification, my life guard certificate, a few first aid certificates????  But I still feel just as ignorant and am relatively poor.......?

Nonetheless, a BIG load off my small brain today. I enjoyed the classes in mechanics, physics of  gasses and electronics. The instructor was not only good at his craft, I liked the guy. Nonetheless, glad I attended n just as glad it is all over.

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