Visit to KeyStoker Feb. 12, 2oo7

I took a friend to KeyStoker today since his second Ford pick up to have transmission problems will NOT shift to high gear.

I am investigating purchasing a stoker and heating two houses with it so I volunteered my 47 mpg VW diesel Jetta for the 100 + mile trek.

Below are a few photos I took today.

I liked waht I saw n the people were both accommodating n remarkably fast (5 - 10 minuets) with my friends 16 dollar repair bill. Seems my friend did not bother installing a barometric damper in his chimney. So, when winds increased, the vacuum down his chimney sucked too much air/oxygen thru his stove's fire bed, it it over heated n burnt out 16 dollars of components.

KA6  or K6 stoker mechanism

KD-12 stoker mechanism

A rowe of KD-12 mechanisms

This is a KeyStoker boiler with out the insulated cabinet. I think this is a KA-6.



Keystone Stoker