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Friday February 25th 2,ooo

On February 27, 1997 the lovely South American lady pictures below sitting in the MGM Grand Casino feeding the one arm bandit n I were married in sunny Hawaii on the Kona Cost.

As U can see by comparing the date, it is almost 3 years later to the day n my wife R here (thru the grace of a weekly eM report on low air fairs called Smart Living) in Las Vegas celebrating our 3 anniversary.  If U like, U R welcome to follow along with us 4 the next 3 days via  the World Wide Web n spend some time w/us as we visit the US South West. Since takes considerably longer in the bathroom than I do, I should have enough free time to post a few fotos each day n add a little comment with um.

When ever possible I try n arrive in Vegas no earlier than dusk. As many of  U know, Los Vegas is quite a homely n arid corner of our Blue Marble. This being the case, arriving in the dark allows just the man made magic of  the desert town to beam thru one's mind. The above is an excellent example of Vegas magic. This foto above was taken tonight during our first cruise down Las Vegas Ave. as we were taking the long way in from the airport to our hotel. We were at the Bellagio Hotel n Casino taking in the 40 million dollar water show that is played out to music every 15 minuets in the evening, ain't tit a sweet sight.

The Bellagio is a spectacular place in and out. This foto with the wiffee in the corner does not do the place justice since I was forced to use available light with out tree pod.

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Friday Feb. 25th, 2ooo
MGM Grand Hotel
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