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Saturday February 26th 2,ooo

Things never progress with out a glitch with computers/life. I had planned to up load a page daily to SHnPGIE's server but something is keeping me from getting in, so.......... Any way...

Since we arrived from the east coast which made it easy 4 us 2 get up early due to the 3 hour time change, Saturday we got an early start n made a 540 mile round trip trek 2 visit God's premiere erosion project in Nevada's neighboring state of Arizona. Above U C the Damaris standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

This foto was taken at the Grand Canyon airport near the rim of the canyon. I asked the wife to take this foto just because in the winter of 1992-1993 I spent the winter working for Papillon Helicopters on the Big Island  of Hawaii as a van pilot (picking up hotel guests).

This is a old 3 engine diesel electric train that rambles it why up the Coconino Plateau to the Canyon rim from a the old Rout 66 town of  Williams Arizona. We did not ride her up but the engineer Patton Swartzfager pictured here an engineer for Grand Canyon Railways mentioned that about 1,ooo soles did ride up with him on this lovely Saturday.  Patton, a big train driver for some 4 years now also mentioned that each of the three diesel electric generators use about 37o gallons EACH to drag the train up 3% grade from Williams which is some 5o+ miles via the road n most likely longer via rail. Patton says in the summer Grand Canyon Railways drags out one of the company's 2 steam locomotives to add an extra thrill to passengers ride. Patton also mentioned during our 1o min conversation that the #4 crude oil steam loco uses 9oo gallons of water to make the trip up hill from Williams.  Patton was a lovely chance meeting n I thuraly enjoyed our short one time meeting.

Oops, sounds like the wife is ready, gotta go.

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