2007 Wage Guidelines
Companies with 10 or less full time staff.


Starting  January 1, 2oo7  -   $5.15 training wage for the first 60 days (see below for explanation)

Starting  January 1, 2oo7  -   $5.65 per hour after training period

Starting  July 1, 2oo7        -  $6.65 per hour

Starting  July 1, 2oo8        -  $7.15 per hour

Official deffinition for
minimum training wage for younger workers
from Pa Dept. of Labor & Industry

A 60-day training wage may be paid to employees under 20 years old effective January 1, 2007. This wage matches the current federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. Eligible employees may be paid the training wage up to the day before the employee’s 20th birthday. On and after the employee's 20th birthday, pay must be raised to the regular Pennsylvania minimum wage even if the 60-day period has not expired. Should there be an increase in the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour, then there will be the same increase in the Pennsylvania training wage for youths.