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Oct 21st, 2ooo

In a previous chapter of my life that started in the 80s, I was full of hot air. Today much to my delight 2 I had a surprice visit from 2 frineds, a husband n wife team name Nnancy n Bob from Wanaqu NJ.
Nancy n I met because we both had the same balloon flight insructor, Bob Sparks*. Well we both ended up haveing sister balloons from the same manufacture (Head Balloons). Her serial number is 121 n mine was 122 (I say was because I sold my baklloon a few years back to help pay for Ms. Nina).
So, today when they pop in n told me they were gonna meet at 4pm in our old meeting place inhopes of  an cheating death/gravity just one more time, I instantly said "if I can, I will"......

So, the next few pages will not B helicoter stuff, it will be hot air balloon stuff from todays flight with Nancy, Bob n her friends..........

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