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Oct. 21st, 2ooo

Here she is, my prettiest pilot buddy Nancy. At this stage of the inflation Nancy has already un packed the envelope (the fabric portion of the system that contains encloses the hot air), assembled the basket n burner system along with attaching the envelope to the basket. So now Nancy has positioned n started the fan. The fan is just behind her out sight blocked by the basket being held by the guy that seems to be counting his toes. So, first she adds add cold air in preparation to heating the air, basically just because she needs a 20 foot clear flame path........

After starting the fan Nancy walks around doing a number of in preparation for a safe flight. But she also aids the fan in taking what first seems to be a long polyester multi colored snake on the ground into a majestic sight in the air.
Above Nancy is giving the fan a little help by tugging gingerly on the fabric. C the 2 legs n feet engulfed by the fabric. This was one of my favorite things to do, play under the fabric during the inflation, but only in the cool weather when it wasn't hot,  sweaty n clamby under there.
This is a shot thru the mouth of the envelope B 4 Nancy adds the heat. C the lump in the lower left corner of the foto, that is what it looks like as someone is palying under the fabric gently tugging back the material which allows the fan to do it's job a tad faster.
Here she is just checking things one more time B 4 lighting up multi million BTU directional propane furnace. The heat actually just causes the molicules to more faster than the surrounding air, so there is moer empty space inbetween them. Well, as U know, empty space is empty n don't weigh a dam thing do it. So the bag of air Nancy has attached to the wicker basket weigh less than the surrounding air. Well, this being the case the heavyer air sinks to the bottom n pushes Nancy out of the way. Since this is happening equaly all aroud Nancy's balloon, she is pushed up n out of the way into the space the heavyer air just occupied.

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