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Oct. 21st, 2ooo

Fire - Fire - Fire
Well, candidly speaking, the only thing I seem 2 B getting better at as I start my 5th decade is forgetting. Any way, I forget just how many BTU Nancy's n my old balloon "the Tahitian Float" had in it's twin burner system, but as I said, it was in the muti millions of BTUs so it don't take long.....

As U can C here, Nancy is holding lots of both power n possible destruction in her hands. U don't keep the flame far enough away from the fabric n not only don't fly that day, U got an expensive repair job to have done by a FAA certified balloon repairman.
Well as U C, she has the tiger by the tail. At over 70 feet high n some 45+ feet across it does not take much of a breeze to make the tiger dance. It was not windy today (Saturday, October 21st, 2,ooo) but is twuz 4 a balloon.
She rocked n rolled a tad. Out in the distance U C Bob Nancy crew chief n husband along with another guy holding a line that is attached to the crown (top of the balloon). The crown line is to slow the dance some but ifin momma nature wants, nothing but letting the hot air out or amazingly enough, freeing the balloon from the ground will stop the dance.
Her U C Bob, Nancy's better half, bring the crown line and the other line to Nancy. The other line is Vary Vary important in this balloon system. The guy that designed this system (John Tarpley Head of Greensburg SC) came up with a way to evacuate the ALL hot air out of Nancy's balloon is only seconds. Sure U ask, just way would anyone want to loose ALL your lift in moments n come crashing to the ground? Well did U ever try n carry a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood on a breezy day? It is not easy is it. So, can U imagine how a 8o foot tall by 5o across piece of plywood would be in a slight breeze?

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