We Were

April 16 n 17, 2oo7

About 6:30am on Monday April 16 as the wing were howling all around us we lost our power.
Driving down our road just a quarter mile we came across this tree laying on the wires.

This is a close up of the foto above, note the burn mark on the tree as it lays on the wire.

That burn mark on the wire racked up over 12 hours on our great little Honda Inverter Generator.
Honda EU Inverter 2000

In the 12 + hours the Honda ran quietly out side, it powered out two Monitor (also Japanese) kerosene heaters, our refrigerator, a few compact florescent lights and our TV n VCR. All this work for 12 hours on less than 2 gallons of fuel, what a quiet, start on the third pull machine.

The wife was in the winter garden watching the winds howl when she recognized a few shingles flying by and landing in the back yard.

I was not about the scamper up on the roof n be blown off during the storm.
The next day I scampered up the hill/roof n placed a little plastic over the hole in the rain.

Later the same day George n I placed a galvanized patch over the hole as a more permanent solution. The roof was both cold n wet, so with this strong but removable patch in place I can wait till the roof is both dry n warm when the shingles are more malleable.

GW n I waited a few days till both the weather/shingles were warmer n I was quite under the weather from perhaps the worse cold I have ever had. Anyway here is a phone photo of GW's handy work. LotsO tar both under n on the seems of the replacement cap shingles.

Another example of our luck was the great job the wind did with the placement of of two not too tiny trees.

Take a look above, the two trees fell directly between the storage building where my two cherished Gravely tractors n my rotary mower are stored.

The Kub has been a slacker lately, just lazing in the garage since the last snow fall..... So I got her lazy arse up n out for a little clean up work hauling the debra over to the burn pile.

Again note the perfect aim mother nature had with these two trees.
Behind the storage barn is another 15 feet of logs. Since the driveway was open now, I can take my time to finish the clean up work.

Like I started with,

We Were QUITE Lucky.