Two days in

See the little patch of blue behind us? This is the Pacific Ocean

Panama City tiz an impressive sight across the harbour.

Fuel in Panama seems to be priced comparable to the USA's prices.
However, unlike the USA. diesel is lower in price than the gas as it also was just a few years ago in the USA. Diesel is now more expensive than high test gas in the USA. Just wonder why since diesel requires much less refining efforts n expense compared to gas . Could it be human greed and or a oil president in the USA for the past 6+ years?

My favourite tree, seemed similar to the baryon trees in Hawaii.

This guy was out side our room.

Hard to believe, neither one of us put a toe in the ocean during our short 2 day stay in Panama

We were only in Panama for 2 days. This combined with the fact that our hotel was a
two hour drive from the only international airport in Panama, I did not use the camera

I had a hour dual instruction scheduled in a R44 helicopter for the day we departed
but being so far from the airport, I ended up cancelling it. Then plan was for me to
pilot the craft from the pacific ocean to the Caribbean.

Also, the food was so good, we did not do much else than lounge n eat.


Damaris in Barrenquilla
My new Nieces
Four Leg Family
Hijos Children


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