Segway Safety Stand
June 7th, 2oo7

I always considered only being able to park my X2 against a tree or building was at best un dignified for such a fine piece of craftsmanship. See above n below.

Today, after taking my X2 to it's second country style air show however now equipped with a safety stand. Comparing today with the air show I attended using my X2 two weeks ago, my memory was fresh remember  the inconveniences of not having  some way to park it conveniently with dignity and respect.

Today I would zoom/glide here and there just like I did two weeks ago.

However one BIG difference this time.

Today I would easily hop off  with all the respect a great piece of electromechanical craftsmanship deserved when ever or where ever I wanted.

Then would simply step off, hold in the Seg's shut down button, slide down the stand just to pop off  a few photos as you see on this page.


Or peek into the cockpit for a foto of a home-made aircraft  powered by a Subaru engine seen above n below.

Sometime I would park the Seg and just wonder around close by and hangar talk with one and all.

All in all, seems my creation, the Segway "Safety Stand" looks like a keeper in lotsO ways. Suspect that I have a few more details to work out in at lease two more prototypes before I create one  from aluminium diamond plate. As is always said at this point. "Rome was not built in a day" so safe to say that the Segway "Safety Stand" will be under refinement for a little more time to come.

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Above is a foto of me doing a fly-by during the late 90s in  a kit helicopter (CH-7 Angel) I assembled and flew for some 130 hours. Ironically my X2 reminds me of hovering and hove taxi operations in a helicopter in many ways.