Sunday, August 5th, 2oo7

My most challenging to date

This is what is left of a century old n 50+ year abandoned rail road bed.

In many places the RR bed is obviously a torrent of water from the 2,2oo' foot folded Appellation ridge above.

The old rail road line saw it's first train in 1892.


Just to the right and rear of where this foto was taken was the Tannersville Pa station.

Some place between 4 n 5 miles the old RR bed is now widened by the local ski area "(Camalback)".
Seems the RR bed is now use for location of a buried water pipe from Pocono creek that  supply the snow making system.

I have learned to look down n just ahead in un familiar terrain. When I looked up, to my surprise, there was some kind of  wild cat
along the side of the RR bed/pipe line..

Would you know, at the end of the trail, there in the middle of the once RR bed was the equipment burring the pipe line.

Should I turn around n go back or try n wiggle through?

Off to the left in this foto was a relatively steep drop off.

I made it, Camelback water park in the background.

Off in the distance, but on the other side of mountain is where I started.


Undoubtedly the most challenging trek I have taken on my X2 in the little over 2 months I have owner her.... However, it was defiantly NOT a "glide" in any sense of the word's meaning. Vary challenging terrain due to rocks, tree falls across the trail, up n down hills in loose stone n dirt trails, narrow paths n maxing out the available electron supply in the Seg's two batteries.

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