Sunday, September 23, 2oo7

Kempton n New Tripoli

Both Saturday n Sunday this weekend I attended the PA Energy Festival in Kempton PA.

I had been last year combined with the fact that not only were there not many unique photo opportunities of solar cells, wind mills etceteras. I have found that attending any public gathering on a Segway is becoming a tad embarrassing. So this being the case, I have noticed I hesitate to pull out the camera as snap photos from atop my Seg's platform.


I did roll up to the Ben n Jerry's truck window and the hot dog window n order....?

Any way, no photos of the festival but right adjacent to the festival grounds is the
Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern
rail station and some old trains, I could not resist gliding.

Her sound as she pull away
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On the way Home

Literally being the son of a career US Navy navigator. Following in my dad's foot steps, I try never to take the same way to or home from and destination time permitting. So, when leaving the festival n train station area today, I came in from the right, so since I have a little day light remaining for the hour drive home, I turned to the left n headed home simply choosing roads that would keep the setting sun off to my left rear (so I would be heading north east).

I came across the lovely old barn on  dirt road you see in the two photos immediately above near a small town named New Tripoli.

Following  dirt road brought me to rout 143. Off to the upper right was an inviting path that was mowed out of the high grass which lead me to an abandon rail line that seemed to head in the direction of Kempton, don't know if this is true or not.

The immediately above foto and two below were taken during my journey down the abandon rail line.

It was late, only 45 more min or so of day light remaining, I was on a strange trail, no one knew where I was (I did have my pocket phone with). So I decided it prudent to not push the issue n did a 180 turn when the trail started showing signs of difficulty.

What a great find n great day today was, hope yours was too.

Post scrip:

I have flown a US flag from my Segway's left fender for the past few months. Today as I arrived at the energy fast parking area there was a great oldie playing thru my car radio coming from my iPod.

I get the bright idea to continue the music as I rode on the Segway. Later that afternoon I found my self zooming to the iPod beat in the almost empty grassy parking lot at the festival, similar to how I snow skied some 2.5 decades ago. Any way, I got so evolved in the music I snapped off the US flag with me left knee.

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