Squirrel TV
December 28-29, 2oo6

Above is a picture of what we call "Squirrel TV" here in our house.

We feed all our visitors, from Humming Birds to Deer, wild Turkeys and Squirrels.
Note the two picture below, naturally our boys are captivated by watching the Squirrels every morning (except Sundays*).
So when my  wife Damaris asks me where the boys are, I often answered by said "watching Squirrel TV".

Pictired below is a close up photo of just one of the many stars of Squirrel TV.

Above U may remember I mentioned "except Sundays". Call it od or funny, it seems the squirrels n deer sleep late Sundays or take the entire day off.
On Sundays they have a quite noticable different schedule that Monday thru Saturdays.