Solo Plus-Mk II
Wood Gasification Boiler

Today I went to see a HS Solo-Plus 60 wood gasification boiler in operation near reading Pa.

The TARM is manufactuired in Denmark (I think) so it water temp. gage are in Celsius, not Ferinhight. Sad to say/realize, with the miniature, ever shrinking George Bush US dollar, all products from across any pond/ocean will be more costly. Our country is in such debt now. This combined with the US's manufacturing base dwindling due to both cheap labour n almost zero environmental costs for environmentally responsible manufacturing, our dollar is destin to spiral down in vlaue even after Bubba Bush is out of the White House.

Naturally I forgot to take a foto of perhaps the most important aspect of this boiler. This is the upper fire box door. Below this door is the secondary combustion chamber where pre heated fresh air (oxygen) is mixed with the normal exhaust gasses that were created just above it. This added combustion chamber does a number of things over a normal wood stove/boiler system with only the traditional one combustion chamber. Candidly, the biggest/bestest thing it does is hard to decide on which one to pick n place as number one on the list, so I ain't a gonna even try...

1. The second fire box makes the normal visible (white) chimney smoke almost non existent (No Smoke), thus not  bothering your neighbours,  (often the complaint from the neighbours of normal out door wood boilers) and less smoke is much better for our one and only space ship earth ect.
2. The two fire box system creates a vary hot fire, 1,8oo degrees f or so under the already hot firebox fire shown above. Doing this is much more efficient, much more complete combustion so lots less ash to empty.
3. This efficiency does does two important things. U consume much less wood than an typical out door boiler and get lots more heat. Since this is a boiler, after the secondary combustion chamber, the hot exhaust gasses pass up the 6 or 8 - 3" in diameter vertical heat exchanger tubes. These tubes are surrounded by the boiler's water. Naturally being surrounded by water help remove heat more heat from hot gasses coming from the two fire boxes.



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