Wednesdays are
Twin Day
February 7, 2oo7

Almost every Wednesday is "Twin Day" at our home or business, depending on the season.
The twins are the children of a young woman named Leah that when she was a teenager helped us in our store. Leah is happy to share her family with us and we are happy to have them in our life.

Above is a foto of our two sons, Kuuipo n Kalah. They are snuggled up together in their new doggie bed. Three of our children often were wedged together into a normal size cat bed, so last week Damaris purchased a doggie bed, AKA a King size kitty bed. Often when these two sleep together, U can't tell where one cat stops n the other starts.

Well, would you know it, Kylee seen above on the left must have noticed our cats have a new bed. She came strolling out today carry the big kitty bed to where we all were in the Winter Garden sun room.

Next thing you know they are pretending to be cats. Camera always close at hand, I snapped a few foto as they seemed to enjoy acting out being our cats.


A month or so ago Damaris came home with the thing U C below for the cats. I guess it is designed to be hung on a door for cats to play and or sleep in. Kind of like a high rise kitty condo??

Well today, not only did Aidan the boy crawl in, he ended up wiggling his way up through the interconnecting holes in each levels floor all the way to the top.

Kalah our youngest son, always seems to enjoy the Twins visit and is near all the time durring their visit. Any way, I suppose Kalah recognized that for the first time humans were in his hanging play pen, he too joins in on the fun and can just be seen thru the plastic mesh screening.

Here is Aidan emerging through the next to the last top floor in the Kitty High Rise.

Perhaps needless to say,
I think a
 good time was had by all today.

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