The Twins
December 3o, 2oo6

Here are the Twins. The son n daughter of a past staff member of our store named Leah.

Leah lives close and often allows us to borrow her children. Today was what I call Twin Day.

Above Kylee n Aidan pose proudly with there Christmas presents.

I am guilty, I always seem to take more photos of the girls than the boys, oh well.

Perhaps some of our love for cats has rubbed off on the Twins. And since we have two of the most patient cats in the feline world, the Twins enjoy doing what little kids do to cats. Kalah seen above is the most patient of the two,
so here is Kylee trying to hug the big fur ball.

This one was taken just momenta before Kylee planted a big kiss on Kalah"s nose.

Kylee's Christmas persent was in this display box just moments ago. So as most cats, Kalah likes to go into empty boxes. However, this was Kalah's first experience with a picture window box. Can't really decide if the Twins liked Kalah in the box more than Kalah liked being in the box looking out at the world.

Yes Yes, I am guilty, I take more photos of the girls than the boys.

This was a mechanical n musical cat Damaris got for Kylee. She seemed to like it as much as she does Kalah (lucky Kalah).

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