Washington's Crossing Reinactment
December 25th 2oo6

Damaris n I have made a conscious decision years ago before marriage to not have children. She had been a nanny for a number of years.
I was 47 years old when we married n didn't think changing my life with my first marriage and having children was a path to a successful marriage.
I also had the opportunity to have 15 to 30 teenagers help me at Eats n Sweets since 1984. So I too did not have any big need to have children.
I only mention this because Christmas is not the happiest day when you don't have children UNLESS you keep your self busy.
So below is what we did on our Christmas afternoon.

Beautiful present day town of Washington's Crossing PA. The troops marching in.

New Jersey in the background just beyond the DeLa Ware river. On the Pa banks of the Delaware  Washington's Continental army troops
gather as the General reviews the troops n gives many a word of encouragement prior to launching.


Above are moment General Washing gives the order to launch his army to cross the Delaware river n attach the Hession troops celebrating
Christmas just a few miles down the river at Trenton NJ.

The first boat load of the United States Continual Army begin their crossing which in hours will begin the turn of the tide in the
USA struggle for independence n freedom from King George of England.

Just moments after this first boat launch, it started to rain. so we decided to launch our trek back to the Poconos.

We had been out in the freezing (45 degrees or so) damp weather for almost a hour. Seen above is a quickie shot holding the camera up side down of Damaris. She was cold. With her left hand she holds her scarf. With her right hand she holds my belt tightly as she helped ballance me on my concrete wall vantage point in order to snap a few photos of today activitys with out too many modern hacks of heads in the for ground of the photos.

Christmas Presents

Since we are planing a trek to Columbia to visit my wife's family soon. We kept our holiday spending for each other in check in order to
save the cash n spend it on Damaris's family. So below is a foto of Damaris biggest (very little in size taint tit) Christmas present.

Thanks to a friend in Itlay (Lorett) I was able to get this nice 18k gold crucifix for my wife.