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Construction of HeliCycle Helicopter
Builders Group 2-18
Tail Number N3722T

Heli Cycle Discussion Grope

HeliCycle Web Page

Turbine conversion HeliCycle

Hi Glenn:

There is no gag order on the helicycle.  I don't know why you would even post that notion.  We have an active builders group and like the safari builders group and prefer to discuss items relating to the helicycle without having to deal with the curious who were not willing to step up and buy a quality machine.  Everyone in the first group of builders is very busy
with their machines and we're at a point where they are not ready to be shown.

If one looks at our web site you'll see that BJ has aptly explained how to build a good helicopter, a safe helicopter and a helicopter that will last.

The factory ship will fly at Arlington this year and I'm sure you will see it in every aviation magazine.

Ed Angell


Check out the Helicycle web site and the FAQ. #10 has a picture of the frame with the fuel tanks. Under the builders section there's a lot of photos of builders projects. Also look under tips and tech for a bunch of close ups of different parts. There is no gag order that I know of  Most of the builders don't have a digital camera to take photos of their ship and only a few
spend the time to send real pictures to me to digitize. When I get my ship (this summer) you better believe that I'll be photographing it in a big way and posting all.

I don't know much about the mini500 thing other than a lot of people got screwed and that the guy who marked it was of questionable moral character. I figure though that the internet was a huge tool in taking him and the whole company down. From what I hear, it deserved to go down.

Lets look at another story about Audi. About 15 years ago Audi had made a sports car I don't know the model, but if you need specifics I can get you them. Anyway, in this model, the gas and the break we close together as they are in a race car to allow "heel toe" action, a downshifting technique used during breaking into turns. Soon several incidents cropped up where the car
apparently accelerated when the break was pushed. This resulted in running over some children. The media published headlines "Child killing car!" and Audi's sales plummeted. A class action law suit ensued where those involved claimed that the car accelerated when they pushed the break. Upon further investigation, it was found that they had mistakenly pressed the gas pedal
instead of the break. In one case the gas was pressed so hard that it was bent around the stop and Audi was cleared. Meanwhile Audi suffered enormous sales penalties because of what the media had concluded.

If somebody makes a clame about the Helicycle, the internet will dish out the sentence. If the clame is true, the Helicycle (eagle R&D) will need to fix things or go out of business. If the clame is false and there's nothing to fix, there may a shadow dark enough cast on the Helicycle to put it out of business which would be bad for me since I'd have no parts source and
bad for the sport helicopter community because they'd be loosing a good ship.

From what I know of BJ he seems to be an honest man. I relay him all sorts of questions that I get from people who visit my site. Some he has no problem answering, and some he declines to answer because either he doesn't know the answer or  the data is not complete for a complete answer to be formulated. For some questions, he will make a formal response to that he will send me and I will post on the Helicycle web site (FAQ's). Some requests, such as "what about this other engine" or "when will you make a two place helicopter" , he declines because he is only one man who can only do so much.

William Scott

Al Hammer
Madison, CT

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