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Happy to report I found a Cyber Land Lord who's rent is 1/4 the price than the previous provider. So, happy to report, at this time the below paragraph is no longer applicable.


Putting things to the point.
September 3o, 2oo1
will be the last day for this web site
unless you help.
In the past year not enough contributions came in to pay the $5oo yearly expenses for SHnPGIE.
but I had promised a  $1oo contributor that SHnPGIE would most likely receive enough contributions this year to pay for next year. I was wrong, but I gave my word n made up the difference out of my pocket n paid the cyber rent for October 1, 2ooo to September 3o, 2oo1.


Conservatively I personally put no less than
half an hour a day on SHnPGIE
(not to mention the extra money I spend on equipment I find my self buying to improve SH).
Now if U gage only my time at minimum wage/$5.35 per hr. that is a tad more than 9oo bucks per yr. I contribute to SHnPGIE yearly
along with the equipment, fone some fone calls answering eM n than there is the wife's constant nagging about me wasting time on SH)

Yes the InterNet for the most part is free, free for the surfers, but it is not free for the people that create the surf
for the surfers to enjoy.

Another Consideration

Lack of contributions may also mean lack of need
and or enjoyment of SHnPGIE.
As everything else in the USA, people vote daily with their dollars or lack of dollars.

So unless U guys n gals vote to keep SHnPGIE on the net, September 30th, 2oo1 at midnight will be the end of this site.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the people over the past few years that did contribute. Ironically, most people that  contribute actually sent in more than a buck, n a few times I received a C note in the mail but in the end, obviously not enough came it to pay the freight
out of the 1,ooo + hits per week.


Lack of contributions came mostly out of the
difficulty it was to contribute to SH
(expecting people to use snail mail in this electronic generation).

If this is the case possibly PayPal will end up being
SHnPGIE's savior.

If you wanna cast your 1 dollar electronic vote via PayPal to keep SHnPGIE on the InterNet
there are 5oo voters before September 30th, 2oo1, SH will live one more year.


I am NOT going to make the same mistake I made last season promising SHnPGIE will be on the net one more season. If the dollar votes equals a minimum of $5oo before the first of October, 2oo1 SH will live one more year, if not SH dies
September 30th, 2oo1 at midnight.

The choice is yours.

If by chance, you have a suggestions on ways to make enough $.$$ to keep this site alive, please feel free to eM me your suggestion (i.e. sell SHnPGIE T shirts, banners/advertising ect). But remember, accepting advertising may mean I would need to tame down the truth which could easily B a safety concern n defeat the primary reason for this site.

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