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UpDated Dec. 29, 2,oo7

We all can learn from each other
as long as we can communicate.
In the interest of safety, it is important to establish a method for us all to communicate and learn of our fellow owners and pilots experiences in an uncensored manor.
There may also be a owner/pilot just around the corner from you that you are unaware of. Just knowing him/her would most likely greatly enhanced your experience and safety.
If you are an owner and or a pilot using this aircraft, I encourage you to add your name and address to this data base in order that we all will be able to communicate and learn.
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Mini 5oo Owner List

Len Columbus 222 Irving Dr. RR2 Cannington Ontario Canada L0E 1E0
mini 500 brovel
no engine 90% complete pickup this week can anyone tell me the diffrence between a&b so i no that i am not getting done over



    Name Harald Olsen
    Address 79770Høylandet
    Country  Norway
    Postal Code
    eMail Address
    Phone # 004774321435
    Type of Helicopter Mini 500B
    Serial #
    Registration # None
    Comments:Has been flown about 20 hrs. Having a hard time getting it certified in Norway.


     Name           Anders Holmqvist
     Address       Lofotengatan 35
     City              Kista
     Country        Sweden
     Postal Code         164 33
     eMail Address
     Phone #        +46 8 562 644 63
     Type of Helicopter  Mini-500B
     Serial #       363
     Registration #
     Comments: Bought the kit 1999, not assembled. Need Mast Support System for completion. As told by other owners around europe, the kit is very good, but one should know the limitations of such helicopter (it's not a MD 500).  Other owners, Pls send me your comments, thoughts, modification description and will reply with info from other owners.


Jan. 6, 2oo3
Name: Gerard Brinkert
Address: W.v.d. Brinkstraat 80
City: Purmerend
Country: Netherland
Postalcode: 1444 HE

Phone: 0031-299-435230
Type of Helicopter: Mini-500A, modified to TALON
Serialnbr. #0145
Registation : PH-VLH
Comments: Only 6hours TT January 2003

Name: Manfred Dieckow
Address: Ootmarsumer Weg 3A
City: Nordhorn
Country: Germany
Postalcode: 48527
Phone: 0049 5921 6214
Type of Helicopter: Mini-500, modified to BRAVO with PEP, EIS,
Serialnbr. 340
Registation : D-HUBU
Comments: First airborn August 1999, TT = 75 hours in May 2000

Regards from Germany, Dieckow
      Name                : Pierre ALBOUY
      Address            : 42, Rue Georges BRASSENS
      City                   : 22300 LANNION
      Country             : FRANCE
      Postal Code      : 22300
      eMail Address  :
      Phone #             : +33 296 37 61 43
      Type                  : Mini 500
      Serial #             : 099
      Registration #      :
      Comments:           : Used Mini ; I am instanling the Mast Support.

First trials scheduled in February 2000 !

    Pierre ALBOUY
    2, Rue Louis de BROGLIE
    22304 LANNION

    Pierre ALBOUY     tel   : 02-96-04-76-77
                                   fax   : 02-96-04-86-85
           Bureau     mailto      :
           Domicile   mailto

Name Dave Waddington
Address 17 Valley View  Walton Park
City Preston
Country  England
Postal Code  PR5 4LU
eMail Address
Phone # 0044 0772 324893
Type of  Helicopter   Mini 500
Serial # 0050
Registration # G-YEAR
Comments  Finished 2/3 years ago then all the problems started to surface. Stored away until 5 months ago. Now completely refurbished  with all the mods  and getting ready to T/B.

    Name : Otto Perissin
    Address 209 rue léon blum
    City : Seraing
    Country:  Belgium
    Postal Code : 4101
    eMail Address
    Phone # 32 4 2331304
    Type of  Helicopter: mini-500
    Serial # 47
    Registration #
    Comments :fitted with 618rotax


Name: Refly Inc.
     Address: PO Box 21
     Oktyabrskaya nab.,6
     City: St.Petersburg
     Country: Russia
     Postal Code 193091
     eMail Address
     Phone # +7-(812)-223-5371
     Type of Helicopter:Mini-500
     Serial #
     Registration # RA 02624
     Comments: Only 2 hrs TTSN this time


Posted July 5, 2oo7
Name: Todd Fries
Address: 515 E. Grant Rd. Suite 141
City: tucson
Sate: AZ.
Country U.S.A.
Postal Code: 85705
Ph.# 520-440-6070
Type of helicopter: Revolution mini 500
Serial# 0213
Registartion: N/A
Comments: I've flown the helicopter twice. Its smooth, nice to fly, very fun, but I'd like to get the Voyager. Any ideas where I can send the money? Mayby Dennis?

Name: Ben ( Hi Banh )
Address: 3115 LashBrook Ave.
City: El Monte
State: California
Country: U.S.A.
Postal Code: 91733
eMail Address:
Phone:# 626-448-8729
Type of Helicopter: Mini-500-B
Serial#: 425
      It took me ten years to build , just be done 80%. I need someone to help and motivate to complete to make my dream come true I will appreciate it.

Feb. 17, 2oo4

      Name                                 George Sanborn
     Address                               8321 SW AIR PARK DR.
     City                                     CULVER,   OR
     Country                               U.S.A.
     Postal Code                         97734
     eMail Address           
     Phone #                               541-771-8845
     Type of  Helicopter              Mini-500
     Serial #                                214
     Registration #                        N577GS
     Comments                             I Have had tail rotor drive shaft problems, clutch
     problems, clutch suport plate cracking problems, Drive belt slipping problems, and
     balancing problems. All ok now.   The Mini-500 is a nice looking helicopter, and fun to

July 2003
Name    Richard Runk
City    Antioch
State   CA
Country USA
Postal Code 94531
eMail Address
Phone #
Type of Helicopter Mini 500
Serial # 125
Registration #
Comments: New owner, have all mods but some bearings still need upgrading. Been working with Dennis on the T62 Turbine conversion, lots of fun.

July 2oo3
Name wayne qualls
Address 3602 birch dr
City  irving texas
Country usa
Postal Code 75060
eMail Address
Phone # 972-790-4515
Type of  Helicopter mini 500- turbine powerd
Serial # 190
Registration #
Comments runs great, with a little shimmy, haha!!

February 26, 2oo3
Name:                    Mark E. Wittl
Address:                7181 Bent Mountain Road
City:                       Roanoke
State:                      Virginia
Country:                  USA
Postal Code:           24018
eMail Address:
Phone #:                  540-981-4181
Helicopter Type:     Mini 500
Serial #:                  256
Registration #
Comments:              All upgrades including Mast support.

 Mark Wittl

December 27th, 2oo2

    Name         Jim
    City             Sacramento
    Country       USA
    Postal Code     95815
    eMail Address
    Phone #
    Type of  Helicopter Revolution Mini-500
    Serial # 324
    Registration #
    Comments: 50 hours, only minors problem to date, clutch, clutch support bearing, top seal
    main gerabox. Flys very well, much better than expected. Kit quality much better than
    expected. Not taking any chances though so I have grounded it for a while untill I can
    inspect the main gearbox for my own satisfaction. I welcome any constructive advice from
    owners. (12-27-02)

Dec 10, 2oo2

Name   Remus  Hungerford
Address  MD.
City   BOYD
Country   USA
Postal Code    220841
eMail Address
Phone #   301-972-4742
Type of  Helicopter   mini-500
Serial #    090
Registration #
Comments=  As  of  Dec  2002   has  70 hrs  on  it,  still  flying,  no  mast  support, but  has pep  kit  and  is  on premix  50  to  1

Sept. 2oo2
    Name                     Ronald Scott Heibeck
    Address                 1223 Lavalle
    City                       St. Johns
    State                       Michigan
    Country                  USA
    Postal Code            48879
    eMail Address
    Phone #                     989-224-3652
    Type of Helicopter     Mini 500
    Serial #                       0158
    Registration #
    Comments:               Partially built, minor component damage from a wind storm, I will not
    be the one to finish building this.  I am looking to give a licensed pilot a good deal.

August 2oo2




March 24, 2oo2
Name                     Harold N. Starling Jr.
Address                 216 Magnolia Place
City                       Guyton
State                      GA
Country                  USA
Postal Code            31312
eMail Address
Phone #                 912-772-5309
Type of Helicopter   Mini-500
Serial #                  198
Registration #          N4486D
Comments:              Purchased 3/16/2002  Completey Finished Pearl Green Metallic

March 2oo2
David JUnkins
1680 E. Whisnand Rd.
Bloomington, IN  47408  USA
Mini  500
Flying now with 30 funTT hours.

Feb. 2oo2

Jan. 2oo2
Name                Robert  Boucher
Address                         62 Cedar Drive
City                               W. Brookfield Ma.
Country                          U.S.A.
Postal Code                    01585
eMail Address
Phone #                          508-867-9972
Type of  Helicopter           Mini 500
Serial #                           0054
Registration #                  N54VP
Comments                       flys great have 204hrs TT anyone needing help with there
aircraft can contact me at Flightek 1-508-867-6330  I am an A/P and have worked on several Mini 500 helos.

Dec 10, 2oo1
      Name   Carl Wambach
      Address   7700 Priest Pass Rd
      City          Helena, Montana
      Country    USA
      Postal Code   59601
      eMail Address   Carl_Wambach@HotMail.Com
      Phone #    (406) 449-6322
      Type of Helicopter Mini-500
      Serial #
      Registration #
      Comments: I have a chopper-in-a-box-500 and enthused to communiacte with other
      Mini-500 owners.

November 2oo1
Francisco Brito
4536 w131st
Hawthorne, Ca
mini 500 alpha
0331   0209

I am willing to help and I'm putting 0331 together

August 2oo1
kit  #090  mini  500  still  flying  need  mast  support  kit
                 email  is

August 2oo1
Robert Boucher
62 Cedar Drive W. Brookfield Ma. 01585
Mini 500
Flying on a regular basis now has 165 hrs. as with all helos needs constant attention and requires constant maintenance. Al in al a lot of fun to fly. I am a licensed A+P mechanic that has worked on many helos including mini500s .
Anyone in the Northeast neading help with track and balance or info on the Mini500 can
contact me at or at Flightek at 1-413-530-0430.

August 2oo1
    Name Murray Farr
    Address C/- 14 French Street
    City Marton
    Country New Zealand
    Postal Code
    eMail Address
    Phone # 0061416110531
    Type of  Helicopter Revolution Mini 500
    Serial # 0139
    Registration # soon
    Comments Upgraded to Bravo model, now flying 10 hours

August 2oo1
Name - James Hepp
Address-5 Fair view lane
City - Glen Cove,N.Y.
Postal code-11542
email Address-
Serial #   0001
Registration # N10450
Comments----I have made all of the mods, and it flew well, however my cluch burned out and I need a new one. NEED HELP where can I get one.

April 2oo1

Name Bud Rickett
     Address : 1575 Whitnauer
     City :Mansfield,Ohio
     Country USA
     Postal Code :44904
     eMail Address
     Phone # 419 884-8326
     Type of  Helicopter M-500
     Serial # 427
     Registration # N84BR
Finished, but not certified.  I've hovered 7 hrs, and the pep muffler bangs the frame and I'm unable to stop it from vibrating. Any ideas? I would like to install a larger engine.  Any ideas? Damn thing scares me.  I'm 20 hrs rotor and don't trust it because I don't know what to watch for, so 3 ft. is as high as I've gotten.

Name - Rich Sugden
Address - P.O. Box 2468
City - Jackson
State - WY
Country - USA
Postal Code - 83001
eMail Address -
Phone # - 307-733-7771
Type of Helicopter Mini-500B
Serial # 426
Registration # N500RS
Comments: Original Rotax 652 did not deliver enough power at 6,500 ft. altitude. Currently installing higher powered Rotax (120HP). Mast mod completed.

Feb 13th, 2oo1

Name Robert Key
Address   2536 Cunningham Road
City   Knoxville
State   Tn.
Country  USA
Postal Code 37918
eMail Address
Phone # 865-705-1999
Type of Helicopter  Mini 500B
Serial # 462
Registration #
Comments: Just getting started on assembly.  I need a tail rotor gearbox and alot of moral  support.   All mods have been done.

Feb. 6th, 2oo1

    Name                       Roy Thompson, D.C. and Craig Ragsdale
    Address                   P.O.Box 203953
    City                          Austin,Texas
    Country                    U.S.A.
    Postal Code             78720
    eMail Address
    Phone                      # 512.507.8577
    Helicopter               Revolution Helicopter Mini 500
    Serial #                   #318
    Registration #         N-344DM
    Comments:              It's for sale.

Feb 4th, 2oo1

Serial # 316
Registration #
Comments: Complete with tail rotor, mast support kit, detector chips

Nov 8th, 2k
 Name--------------------Bill Koslosky
 Address-----------------Rd # 3    Box 481-G
 Postal Code-----------15650
 Phone # ----------------724-837-4942
 Type of Helicopter---Mini 500
 Serial # -----------------101
 Registration #

Art Snyder
901 W. Mahanoy Street
Trevorton, Pa 17881
Country: USA
Revolution Mini 500
Serial Number: 0430
Registration Number: N500YC
Flies great, twenty-seven hours all updates and modifications by Revolution

·       Name :  Tony Hill
·       Address :  4175 East 550 North
·       City :  Decatur
·       State :  Indiana
·       Country :  USA
·       Postal Code :  46733
·       eMail Address :
·       Phone # 219-724-7065
·       Type of Helicopter :  Mini 500
·       Serial # 152
.       Registration # N152TT

Comments:  I purchased the Mini in a semi completed state in July 2000.  I have since completed/rebuilt it with all possible upgrades including;  mast support system, PEP, balanced clutch, improved clutch bearing, drive belt tensioning system, tail air foil lift reduction bar, cast pitch horns.  Transmission bearing upgrades, tail box bearing upgrades, blade holder bearing upgrades.  Others I am sure I have forgot...   I am working on further improving the airflow in the engine compartment for cooling, this is a still a problem.
This Mini is now the single seat version of what was to be the "Talon" model.   All owners are welcome to call me or email to brainstorm further improvements or ideas...

Tony Hill

Name Eric and Karl Atkins
Address 185 Roosevelt Dr.
City Seymour
Country USA
Postal Code 06483
eMail Address
Phone # 203 734-7496
Type of  Helicopter Mini 500
Serial # 102
Registration # NA
Comments:  Purchased all modification and upgrades up
through the transmission and frame upgrade.  Never
assembled aircraft due to a lack of confidence with
the design.  We have been watching anxiously for
enough experience with the aircraft to consider it
safe to fly.  We are also looking for a tail rotor
gearbox, as we never got one from Revolution.

    Name  Frank Hayes
    Address 76 Route 102
    City Raymond NH USA
    Country Rockingham
    Postal Code 03077
    eMail Address
    Phone #  603.895.3259
    Type of Helicopter   Highly modified mini 500
    Serial # 131
    Registration # N131CA
    Comments: Using the rotax 912 engine

April 6th, 2,ooo

william millette
mini 500
many saftey mods call to get the free secrets.
illinois chicago area
26hrs and counting
purchased because of heli scare
easily turned into fantastic long term ship

heli mech,& pilot
saftey is in the builders /pilots hands
most incapable of building due to lack of knowledge
large varioty needed
engine not so bad?turbine would be better but the cost?
height velosity important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have videos of hotshot pilots who i cant believe are still alive flying
the 500 like a gocart with no should see.
no e-mail for me but call

Feb 6, 2,ooo

Name     L.E..Reece
Address 5750 Short Road                                 City
Fairburn GA
Country  USA
Zip          30213
Phone#    770-964-3406
Type         MINI 500
Serial #     197
Regis.       5069R
Comments:  Flying


Jan 28th, 2,ooo

George Sanborn
8321 S.W. Air Park Dr.
Culver, OR  97734
Mini-500 N577GS  s/n 214
E-mail address ""

Dec 17th, 1999

Roger Carroll
30354 Bigbee Rd.
Amory Ms.
mini 500
450RC is doing good with 167hrs.It has half the mast support stuff.
257RC was doing GREAT until the rod bearings failed on a steep approach at app.100 ft agl. resulting in a hard landing. Lost tail boom, rotors, and tail rotor gearbox. Rebuildable.  Recommend premix and installing an electric fuel pump. 257 had 64hrs, all with the mast support upgrade.It was very smooth and would fly at 105mph if needed to.

Dec. 5th, 1999

Alan L. Kitchens
P. O. 111
Hazlehurst, Ms.
601-894-2021 off.
601-894-4152 hm.
Mini 500B
460 460AK

Nov 26, 1999
Name                   Greg Hale
Address                5224 East 88th Street
City                      Tulsa, OK  74137
Country                 USA
Postal Code           74137
eMail Address        GHALE5224@AOL.COM
Phone #                 918-481-5224
Type of Helicopter   MINI 500B
Serial #                  455
Registration #         N551R

Nov. 16, 1999
Country USA
Postal Code 33071
Phone #  954-755-2443
Type of Helicopter  MINI 500
Serial #  0045
Registration #  N500CL

•Name   Kevin Killpack
•Address   3110 Morgans Way
•City   Valdosta, Georgia
•Country   USA
•Postal Code   31605
eMail Address
•Phone #    912-242-7072
•Type of Helicopter   Mini 500A
•Serial #   0306
Registration #    N500MD
Comments:  I have a mini500A with the mast support system.  I need help with the modifications to complete this project which has been stored for 1/2 years.  Does any one have a complete list of all the ADs put out by Revolution over the last 2-3 years??  Please call or email me.  Thanks

Date:  Sat, 15 Nov 1997
Dream Machines( Chuck Gross)
1020 St. Blaise Trail
Gallatin Tn 37066
eMail Address
•Phone 615-230-9655
•Type of Helicopter Mini 500
•Serial #258

     Name  Fred Stewart
     Address  1375 Olive St
     City   Barnhart Mo
     Country USA
     Postal Code
     eMail Address
     Phone #  314-464-7534
     Type of Helicopter  Mini-500
     Serial #  0092 and  0120
     Registration #  N6239Q and N500TG

Subject:  owner builder mini 500
Date:  Thu, 30 Oct 1997

Robert E. Boucher
82 Montcalm St.
Chicopee Ma. 01020
413 2927228 Pager

Revolution Mini 500 - 0054 - N54VP

Ray Peters
8 Cross Lane
Courtland Manor NY 10566 USA

Killed in his Mini 5oo
Gilbert Armbruster
1101 S. Arlington Ridge Rd. #415
Arlington, VA. 22202 - USA
Serial: #0076
Tail: N500GH

Robert Di Joseph
1527 Jackson St.
Phila. PA 19145

Ronald K. Spiess
25 River Ct. Pkwy.
Atlanta, GA 30328
Ph. 770-391-9730
kit #213.

Joshua Newsteder
4877 Tocobaga Lane
Jacksonville, Florida 32225-4023
Ser No 397
Tail N15EY

Kip Wilson
2148 Saint David Drive
Bettendorf, Iowa 52722 -3999 USA
Phone # 319-332-8954
Serial # 0033
Registration # N533KW

Ronald Heibeck
804 W. Baldwin
St. Johns USA 48879
eMail Ron at
Phone # 517-885-5371
MINI 500 Serial # 0158
Registration # NOT QUITE READY

Scott L. Banning
P.O. Box 1320 City:
Kamuela, HI 96743 USA
eMail Address:
(808) 885-5707
Type of Helicopter: Mini 500
Serial #: 309 Registration #: Not Yet

Mini-500, s/n 0128
Reg # N25JT

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997
Organization: SKYTYPING INC.
CC: george

30225 E. WOODARD RD.
eMail Address
Phone # 503 695-3401
Type of Helicopter MINI-500
Serial # 214
Registration # N577GS

Scott Carnahan
1826 Tanager Dr
Costa Mesa , CA 92626 USA
Phone: 714 444 2892
eMail Address:
Mini 500 Serial # 0233
Registration # N500MN

Name:Ed Eaken
2604 Camelot Dr.
Columbiana Oh 44408 USA
E Mail:
Serial:0115 Registration:N1701L

James J Ehrig Jr.
S - 4386 Mckinley Pkwy
Hamburg , New York USA 14075
eMail Address JJEJR@AOL
Phone # _716-646 5136
Type of Helicopter Mini 5oon Bravo - Serial # 358

Charles Van Thomme
4253 Lakeshore
Lexington , MI 48450
eMail Address
Phone # 810-359-7100 Day - 5214 Night
Type of Helicopter :MINI-5oo - Serial # 0222 - Registration # N120VT

Date: Jul 1997
Kevin R. Killpack
3110 Morgans Way
Valdosta, Georgia 31605 USA
eMail Address
Phone # 912-242-7072
Type of Helicopter Mini 500 - Serial # 0306
Registration # N500MD
Comments Great so far! Still building, but hope to by flying by fall 1997.

Subject: mini 500 owners
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 97 16:49:06 -0700
From: Glenn Brinker
402 Fallen Timbers Trail
Fort Wayne, IN 46825-2044 USA
Mini 5oo # 130 - N130GB

Nawaporn Sawaetawong (Neil)
Bangkok, Thailand
Email :
Kit number # 0160
Received in Thailand in January, 1997.


Posted: June 29, 2oo7
Name Ray Cutchie
Address 3/41 Sinclair Road  Dandenong
City Melbourne
Country Australia
Postal Code 3175                                            eMail Address
Phone # 613 9705 2726
Type of  Helicopter Mini 500
Serial # 040                                              Registration # VH -BJC                                                                   Comments Just finished with all mods completed inc. mast support & PEP. Re built transmission fitting tapered roller bearings to pinion. Working on electronic fuel injection system for the 582. Ready to test fly.

    Posted:                  Dec 2nd, 2oo1
    Name                     Haydn Redfern
    Address                 118 Petersen St, Freshwater
    City                        Cairns
    Country                  Australia
    Postal Code            4870
    eMail Address
    Phone #                   +61740551331
    Type                        Mini 500
    Serial #                    383
    Registration #          Nil at present
    Comments                Am filling and painting. I am considering fitting a jabir engine. currently
need a list of all the AD's so as not to have to do the work twice. I personaly think the mini 500 are fine machines and yes they need a few modifications  but then that is why we didn't pay $150 000.00 for them. I welcome any input from anyone with something of value to contribute.

    Name Haydn Redfern
    Address 118 Petersen St City Cairns
    Country Australia
    Postal Code 4870
    eMail Address
    Phone # +61740551331
    Type of Helicopter Mini 500
    Serial # 383
    Registration # none yet
    Comments: Have jsut started construction

Subject: Fw: Mini 500
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997

South Africa

     Name   Hennie Roets
     Address P.O. Box 986
     City  Kroonstad
     Country  South Africa
     Postal Code  9500
     eMail Address         Web page at
     Phone # 027825765166
     Type of  Helicopter   Mini500
     Serial #   264
     Registration #  ZU-BHC
     Comments  Changed power plant to a Hirth F30 to get enough power
                        for density altitude and to use engine derated. Busy with test flights

    Name David Maree
    Address P.O.Box 15
    Florida Hills
    City Johannesburg
    Country South Africa
    Postal Code 2195
    eMail Address
    Phone # 27832978270
    Type of Helicopter Mini 500
    Serial # 223
    Registration # ZU-BRA
    Comments     Rotax 618 PEP Pipe 91hp

South & Central America
December 2oo7
Sebastian Reid
El Remanso 16170
Lo Barnechea
South America
Zip code 7710008
Phone 56 2 321 5274
Revolution Mini 500
serial 00084
year 1996
Registration CC-PSY
Comments: Exelent helicopter, very funny to fly.

Best Regards

J. Sebastian Reid Tagle

Name Luis Garzon
     Address  256 Vergel st
Canar, Ecuador
     Country Ecuador
     Postal Code
     eMail Address
     Phone #  413 559 73 77
     Type of Helicopter  Mini-500
     Serial #  0095 and  0140
     Registration #  N6245D and N501TG

Republic of Panama

Subject: New Mini 500 owner.
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997
From: Jaime Fabrega

If you are an owner and or a pilot using this aircraft,
I encourage you to add your name and address to this data base in order that we all will be able to communicate and learn from one and other.

  1. Please, copy the below form BEFORE you click on the below eMail link.
  2. Then click the below eMail link and paste this form into the body of the eM letter.
  3. After this, fill in the information.
  4. Hit your send button.

Copy this form before you click on our eM link.
email us at
to add your self to this list.
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