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June 6th, 2oo3

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Hello, Just saw the Brantly comments which are great to hear.  I have been around Brantly's since 1971 (my father owned the company).  I haven't been around them much since 1986 until last year.  Two of my brothers and I are helping the factory  market the helicopter. There are a great group of people at the factory. It really is a good helicopter and wish and hope they can get back into the market.  It will take time but for the price and operating cost you can't find a production ship any less costly.

I am also a flight instructor and the Brantly is one of my favorite ships to teach students in.

If there are any questions about the Brantly let me know (  There are plenty of people out here who are experienced with them.  Keep them flying and have fun.


            Re: brantly B2b
            Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:02:14 -0400

Hi Glen,

Hope your doing fine just writeing you a little on my Brantly B2b its a 1965 model that I have compleatly restored in 97 and have been enjoying ever since.

For those of you who dont know me I'm a  a helicopter A/P mechinic and heli flight instructor
here in Alabama and a former Rotorway builder/flyer.

After I restored the Brantly last year I flew it from Alabama to Homer Bells flyin in Hillsboro Ohio and back. And planing on being there again this year and perhaps the Pra meet in Mentone Ind.

The Brantly has proved to be a very good helicopter with low maintance for me and I perfer it over the Hughes 269/300 which I flight instruct in and it's low cost make it excellent.

If anyone needs help with a mechinical problem or just need to know something concerning the Brantly you can Email me .

Happy flying

Ron Froberg

Editors Note: A foto of Ron's B2B can be seen on SHnPGIE main page..................

Subject: Brantly B2B
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997
From: Vic at


I have been reading your page and am enjoying it alot. I have been a commercial Helicopter Pilot for 25+ yrears and find your comments right on. I am also a Brantly nut have 5 ships at the moment, all in good flying condition (the wife says sell 4) anyway In my oppion the Brantly is the best