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This Page was created
May 2o, 1998

After seeing my first helicopter land on a beach in 1955, I was hooked from that moment on until this moment. Obviously my dream is shared by many others just by looking at the visitor counter above.
However, a few words of caution are in order
for the new guys.
It seems there may be more than one snake in the grass/sky in the helicopter industry.
Please realize
there may be people out there that are more concerned with emptying your wallet
than they are concerned with delivering you a safe kit.
I personally suggest before you buy anything, (New or Used) you speak to MANY people with first hand experience with this craft, Naturally people that do not have
any financial gain involved in your final decision.
I do not want to throw any cold water on my/our beloved sport of  helicoptering, but sad to say there may be an ever increasing number of  un safe helicopter kits
on the market now a days.
Many times in life you have the luxury of making one mistake and living through it.
However, since a helicopter can do much more (isn't that why we love um)
Sorry to say, helicopters often kill just moments after
the first mistake (both pilot error and or mechanical mistakes) is made.
Please get Lots a Good Advice Before You Buy n Lots a Good Training Before You Fly.
The Life You will Save is YOURS.
now with a few 2 seat kits on the market,
I am concerned that the mistakes/deaths may be multiplied by a factor of 2
now children may be among the fatalities, not just us old Rotor Heads.
Building, Owning n Flying a helicopter is a Very Rewarding experience.
But it is also a very Serious one Too.
I as most involved in the sport encourage new people joining us,
Just Join With Your Eyes Open.
Glenn Ryerson, Host n WebSter of SHnPGIE

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