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We all can learn from one and other
as long as we can communicate.
In the interest of safety, it is important to establish a method for us all to communicate and learn of our fellow owners and pilots experiences in an uncensored manor.
There may also be a owner/pilot just around the corner from you that you are unaware of. Just knowing him/her would most likely greatly enhanced your experience and safety.
If you are an owner and or a pilot using this aircraft, I encourage you to add your name and address to this data base in order that we all will be able to communicate between our selves with out censorship

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to add your self to this list.
You may also mail or
fax us your information, see our main menu page for the address or fax number.

CH-7 Angel Owner List

South Africa

Name David Maree
 Address P.O.Box 15 Florida Hills
 City Johannesburg
 Country South Africa
 Postal Code 1716
 eMail Address
 Phone # 27-83-297-8270
 Type of Helicopter CH/7 Angel  Rotax 618
 Serial # 22
 Registration # ZU-ASU


Jan. 5, 2oo2
    Name: Bader Hansi
    Address: Eschenweg 8
    City: 73540 Heubach
    Country: Germany
    Postal Code:73540
    eMail Address:
    Phone # 07173/914043  o.0177/2423797
    Type of Helicopter: CH-7 Angel
    Serial # 028
    Registration # D-HOUV

Name            Robert and Walter Wittmann
Address         Turmstrasse 15
City            Gungolding
Country         Germany
Postal Code     85137
eMail Address
Phone           49 8465 3161
Type of Helicopter CH7 Angel powered with Rotax 582
Serial          3523
Registration    D-HRWW

Jan Henseleit
Im Hof 3
D-35649 Bischoffen
Phone: 0049-6444-921980
Type of Helicopter:  Ch-7 Angel - self modifyed with an Rotax 912 engine
Registration:  D - HJAN

Rene Becher
Am Papenbusch 16
D - 38527 Abbesbüttel
eM - Phone: 0049-5304-2232
Type of Helicopter: Angel  CH-7 Serial: 3522  Registration:  D-HHRB


Jack Pellett
606 East Meadowbrook Ave.
Orange, CA 92665 USA


    Date reg. info. submitted,        12-06-00
    Name:                          CHRIS CHRISTOFIDES CMC Automotive Engineering
    Address:                      23 MAWSON STREET  BARDWELL VALLEY
    City:                             SYDNEY  NSW
    Country:                       AUSTRALIA
    Postal Code:                2207
    eMail Address: 
    Phone #                        0408246333
    Type of Helicopter:     CH7 ANGEL
    Serial #                         VHOLJ
    Registration #                N348  (builders code)

John Hajie - Carl Braden
C/O Pacific Flight Systems
62 Blue Point Road
North Sydney, Australia 2060

New Zealand

Simon Clark
Auckland NZ


Josy n Ige Barbero
C/O HeliSport Helicopters
Strada Traforno del Pino, 104
10132 Torino Italy
39-11 899 6730, fax 5550

Kostner Andreas
Via Col Alt
Phone # 0039-336-466635
Reg # I 4393


Mou-Chih Lee
China AeroSpace Ind. Co. Ltd
9-6 Jang-Der St.
Taipe, Tiawan, R.O.C.

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