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Nov 22, 1997
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Subject: New Zealand Report
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 22:35:46 +1300

Dear Glenn,

I visited your site tonight, and after noting your comments on the lack of interest, thought it was time for a report from down in the Pacific.

New Zealand map (Not a good one, but the best I got)I fly a Robbie 22 from a farm property at a place called Mossburn, about sixty miles from the south coast of the south island of N.Z. Get out your atlas.

Now you know where I live. I use the 22 mainly for farm work, but am also very keen on fishing and hunting, and there is an abundance of that in this area. Deer abound in the mountains to the west, and there are trout and very large salmon in most of the rivers This area is in the "Roaring Forties", that is 40 degrees south, and from time to time can get very strong winds, and as they rip over the eight to ten thousand foot mountains to the west can make for some very interesting flying. Most of the time the weather is great, cold winters with some snow, and hot summers. It is late spring here now, and I am looking forward to new adventures in the mountains.

I have included two photos.  First, A fishing expedition. Second, Delivering Santa to a local horse racing meet. Don't lose interest in your web site, I visit it regularly, and enjoy it I very much, and feel quite envious of you people that have the patience to build your own machines

Stan Jones.


If you have some  stuff to share about your helicoptering in New Zealand, please send it over to SHnPGIE. If you eM your fotos, please send it in .jpg format if possible, if not no problem (I hope).
Thank You