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Turning world
on the
This Page was created
Friday January 3oth, 1998
Saladillo Argentina
because of  the Inspiration by
Gusto Brea,
a Argentine Army BlackHawk Pilot

Up Dated March 7th, 1999

Down Under Sky Crane

Brian Thomas's New Toy-Job

Lama in Argentina by Ferddy Campbell, a long line foto story.

 In the mountains of Argentina with a Hugh 5oo by Freddy Campbell.

US Navy Student Pilot

    If you are a helicopter professional, military or civilian, please take a few moments to share your helicoptering experience with the world by sending
Sport Helicopter & Pilot Global Information Exchange a foto or two with a short caption on the back about your job and helicopter.

After receiving your foto I will scan/digitize the fotos, create a new InterNet page and link it from this page. If you like, please include your Name & eMail address along with the foto's caption and or description...... Thank You

Click here for Sport Helicopter & Pilot Global Information's address.
For easy mailing I suggest you print out this page, than cut out the address and Scotch Tape it onto your envelope..... I will be happy to return your fotos, Please simply make this request on the back and CIRCLE your request and address.
PLEASE place at least your name on EACH foto to avoid a mix up............


The End
(but hopefully more to come)