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November 17th, 1996
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Written Accounts of Practical Flight Tests

Ryan Shacklett
Private Helicopter Check Ride
in a Schweizer 300C
October 2oo3

A written account of one man's
Private Helicopter Check Ride
with Mr. FAA

A written account of one man's
Commercial Helicopter Check Ride
with Mr. FAA

When you take your check ride or if you have taken one that is still clear in your memory, I suggest you strongly consider writing it down.  Believe it or not, it will be lots of fun to be able to re read your personal account of that day in ten years. It also will be a great thing to share w/your son or daughter. And many many pilots to be will have a BIG leg up when they take their test just because you took the time to put it down n save one of the most special moments U will ever have in your life.

Please eM your check ride to SHnPGIE

IMHO, good flight training is many things:

Inexpensive Insurance on YOUR life,
Tons O Fun,
Very Challenging,
One of the most rewarding things you will ever do,

Don't even consider owning/flying an ultra lite helicopter with out first proving to a stranger that U have the Right Stuff.
Remember, only a fool fools him/her self.

Flight Schools

Rainbow Pacific Helicopters, LTD
3 locations in Hawaii

Helicopter Adventures, Inc.
Concord California
(near San Francisco)

Flight Training Information
GREAT Pilot Training information, click here
Aero Adds @

Ron Greenaway, a Canadian Chopper instructor who has been flying for 18 years is offering flight or ground instructional services to Rotorway exec owners that are interested in gaining a Canadian alternate, private or commercial license.

Ron is located on Vancouver Island (north of Seattle) and can be reached at or at 1-250-334-4638.

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