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Frank N. Piasecki

  Frank Piasecki's PV2

Igor Sikorsky Historical - 1898 to 1972 - America immigrint from Russia. Invented the first
Archives, Inc. ................. controlable helicopter.

Augusto Cicare - Argentinean - 1937 to present. Designer of the CH-1 thru the CH-7 helicopters.

Augusto Cicare - En Espanol

Road Trip W/Augusto......... Dec 19th, 1998 to Jan 10, 1999

Helicopters of the World and Their Historical Evolution

SHnPGIE would like to post more information on Helicopter Pioneers and Inventors (ie Pitcarn, Piosecki). If you know of other WWW sights or have information and or photos of other Helicopter Pioneers or Inventors, please contact us via the method described on SHnPGIE main page.

Thank You............

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