Glenn n Damaris's
 Little Slice of Life

Winter Garden Project,
Fall, Winter, Spring n Early Summer
2oo3 - 2oo4

April 28, 2oo3
My New Son

My Oldest Daughter
Ashley Ryerson
Fall 1984 - July 25th, 2oo2

60 Years Later
Pearl Harbor
Re Visited
by me n my 83 year old dad

Modular Home Project

EnS's (my real job)
Pocono Record News Paper Article
Sunday October 7th, 2oo1

The Wife's 31st BD Celebration
May 25th, 2oo1

Pizza Project

March 2oo1's No Show Blizzard

December 2,ooo Snow Page

Nancy n Bob's
Flying Toy

Glenn's 51st Bday

Damaris's 30th Bday

Isabella Maria Luciani
My Great Grand Niece

Our 3rd wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas

The Running Bare Adventure

Fat Furry
Finicky Female Feline
December 6th, 1999

 Hawaii Feb. n March 1999

Introduction Page

Monday Feb. 22, 1999.............Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999

Thursday February 25, 1999. Monday, March 1, 1999........

New, Fotos of the RotorCycle
Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999

Sikorski S61N
Thursday March 4th, 1999

Pops in Hawaii Pg 1

Pops in Hawaii Pg 2

Pops in Hawaii Pg 3

Pops in Hawaii Pg 4

Road Trip W/Augusto......... Dec 19th, 1998 to Jan 10, 1999

Santaing w/An AngelDec 1998

Halloween 1998 with My Wife Xina Oct 31, 1998

  Little Hawaiian Churches  February 12, 1998

Sport Helicopter n Pilot Global Information Exchange ...Oct 24, 1996

49 Days On The
Big Island of Hawaii
Jan 12 to Feb 28, 97

Glenn n Damaris's Wedding Album, Hawaii,2-27-97

Heather n Bobbie's Wedding Album --- My Lovely Nice n Nephu InLaw

Eats n Sweet's 1997 --- My Real Job

BloomsBurg Fair, Fall 1997 --- Just fun at the local country fair.

Damaris's Driver's Test--- A Husdand should NEVER teach his wife to drive anything

Halloween, 1997 --- Now at 48, I still dress up and go door to door (no, I don't collect candy)

Red Lava at My Feet, Big Island of Hawaii, May of 1993

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